Bring Videos to Life With a Premium Online Video Platform

Deliver smooth, HD videos to your audience on all devices and scale your business through state-of-the-art monetization.


Online Video Platform

Host videos, manage library, track video performance, and configure your player and CMS with our versatile online video platform.

Manage Library

Low-Latency Live Streaming

Take events online and engage with viewers in real time with fast and reliable live streaming.


Video Monetization

Set up video monetization at scale and grow your business with instream and outstream ads. Use advanced monetization features like header bidding to maximize your ad revenue.


Brid.TV Marketplace

Need help monetizing? Sign up to Brid.TV Marketplace and monetize videos with premium Google ADX inventory. Combine this with your own ad stack to maximize your fill rates and boost ad revenue.


Brid.TV Video Ad Performance Platform

Sign up to Brid.TV Video Ad Performance Platform to implement, track, and manage video header bidding at scale through an intuitive and fully white-label CMS. Our customizable instream and outstream ad analytics will help you track the metrics that matter and reevaluate your campaigns on the fly.

Manage Header Bidding
  • "Always supportive, always helpful, the dedicated team of experts at BridTV helped us enhance our monetization strategy by custom-creating extremely efficient video ad tech."
  • "Intuitive and reliable video platform, with extensive monetization options."
  • "BridTV enabled us to restructure, and redefine our video online business. The HTML5 Video Player and Outstream Ads are reliable, fast and straightforward."

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