Brid.TV Marketplace

Monetize with a reliable advertising partner.


Get Access to Premium Video Ad Inventory

Maximize video ad revenue with top-quality video ad inventory.


Monetize Mobile, OTT, and CTV Apps

Easily set up cross-channel monetization with a variety of mobile, OTT, and CTV ad formats.


Display Advertising for Everyone

Support your online publishing business with dozens of display ad formats.


Boost Programmatic Video Ad Demand With Google ADX

Access some of the highest CPMs in the industry with Google ADX and leverage the transparency and other benefits of monetizing with a recognized Google MCM partner.


Supported Video Ad Formats

  • Instream Video Ads
  • In-Content & In-Slide Video Ads
  • Rewarded Video Ads
  • Interstitial Video Ads
  • In-App Video Ads

Maximize Revenue Through a Multi-Tiered Auction System

Brid.TV Marketplace operates several independent auctions between multiple SSPs to ensure publishers get served only the ads with the highest CPMs.


Our Partners

Other Features


Banner Fallback

Serve a banner ad when your ad calls come up empty and minimize revenue losses.


Real-Time Performance Tracking

Track impressions, ad requests, eCPM, fill rates, revenue, and viewability through our Marketplace dashboard to stay on top of your ads’ performance.


Dedicated Ad Optimization Team

Receive a dedicated account manager to optimize campaigns and achieve revenue goals faster.


Omnichannel Monetization

Maximize reach by delivering video ads reliably and securely on mobile and desktop devices.


Reliable Video Ad Backfill

Implement our video ad tags on top of your existing ones and use Brid.TV Marketplace as a reliable backfill tool when your ad calls come up empty


Automated Reporting

Streamline performance tracking by creating custom reports and having them delivered straight to your inbox.

Get Help From Our Experts

Receive a dedicated account manager to optimize campaigns and achieve revenue goals faster. Our Marketplace team will be there to help you every step of the way.

Nina Ivanovic

Director of Ad Operations

Nina is a Publisher Relations Manager extraordinaire and a video and advertising expert. Setting up and optimizing programmatic campaigns is a piece of cake for her, whereas maximizing publisher ad revenue is her ultimate goal. 4 Years at Brid.TV
10 Years in Online Video and Ad Tech Industries

Marko Baucal

Ad Ops and Programmatic Specialist

Marko is an expert in the advertising industry, with over six years of experience. Whether you need help with ad operations, programmatic, or yield management, Marko is there for you. His goal is to help publishers and brands meet their campaign deliverables. 2 Years at Brid.TV
6 Years in Online Video and Ad Tech Industries

No Video Player? No Problem!

If you don’t have a dedicated video player to serve your ads, we’ve got you covered! Publishers can easily integrate Brid.TV Marketplace with our HTML5 player and video platform to start monetizing immediately.

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    Note: Your website or app must have at least 100,000 monthly visitors to be eligible to monetize with Brid.TV Marketplace.


    1How does Brid.TV ad backfill work?
    The Brid.TV backfill comes into play only if your own first-party ad demand comes up empty. It won’t influence your existing ad stack; it will only add to it.
    2Can I use the Brid.TV Marketplace without my own ad stack?
    Yes, you can use Brid.TV Marketplace to monetize your videos and achieve high fill rates without having your own ad stacks. Our experts will handle all your monetization while you concentrate on your video content management.
    3How do I track my revenue?
    If you’re using our Brid.TV video player, you can track impressions, ad requests, eCPM, fill rates, revenue, and viewability through our Marketplace dashboard. If you aren’t using the Brid.TV player, you can track your ad revenue through our daily automated reports
    4Can I use my own ad stack with Brid.TV Marketplace?
    Yes, the Brid.TV Marketplace allows you to use any ad stack. It will only come into play after your demand fails to return an ad.
    5How are payments made?
    Payments are made via PayPal or direct bank transfer.