Make the Most of Your Ad Inventory With Intelligent Banner Fallback

Always have a contingency plan.


Boost Fill Rates With
Any-Ad™ Banner Fallback

Serve a banner ad when all instream or outstream ad calls come up empty and minimize revenue losses with our intelligent banner fallback system.

Serve Banners in Multiple Formats Across All Devices

Any-Ad™ supports ads in various formats (including GAM 360 passbacks) and can deliver them to all browsers, operating systems, and devices.

Seamless Integration Into Your Existing Monetization System

Implement Any-Ad™ seamlessly with a single embed code in our CMS and let our player handle the rest.

Track Banner Performance Inside Our Ad Analytics

Stay on top of banner impressions through a single, intuitive dashboard within the Brid.TV CMS.

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Maximize Fill Rates With Intelligent Banner Fallback.