Fast and Lightweight HTML5 Video Player for Everyone

Deliver breathtaking videos on all devices.


Advanced Player
Configuration Options

Improve video and ad engagement by configuring your player behavior to best suit your goals.

Extensive Ad Support

Monetize videos with all industry-standard ad formats and advanced advertising features.

Supported Ad Tags
  • VAST 2, 3, 4
  • VAST Audio
  • VPAID 1.0, 2.0

Supported Ad Formats
  • Pre-, Mid-, Post-Roll
  • Overlay
  • Display Banner

Customizable Video Player Design

Build your video player to match your brand’s image or website layout with various design options like custom skins and buttons.

Design Your Player

Feature-Rich HTML5 Video Player

DRM Support

Brid.TV’s player is fully compatible with multiple DRM software providers. Protect your content from theft with Google Widevine, Microsoft PlayReady, iOS Fairplay, or Brid platform implementation of EZDRM.

Player API

Take control of most aspects of Brid.TV HTML5 player programmatically through our extensive JavaScript API.


React Integration

Easily integrate Brid.TV HTML5 player or outstream unit with your React app using one of our react components.

React Brid Player Component
React Brid Outstream Component
React Brid Playlist Widget Component

Stream Beautiful, Buffer-Free Videos Without Compromise.