Drive Consistent Revenue With Instream Video Ads

The power of video advertising at your fingertips.


Start Monetizing With Multiple Instream Video Ad Formats

Place video ads before your video plays, within it, or after it ends with multiple instream video ad formats.

Boost Ad Yield With Unlimited Ad Podding

Queue up as many pre-, mid-, or post-roll ad tags as you wish to maximize revenue.

Configure Your Player to Maximize Ad Revenue

Customize your player’s behavior to boost ad yield with our advanced configuration features.

Improve Brand Visibility With Brid.TV’s Branded Canvas Unit

Add custom branding to your videos or serve engaging, L-shaped banner ads with this unique, non-linear ad unit.

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Set Up Video Header Bidding to Maximize Instream Ad Revenue

Open up your ad inventory to multiple demand partners and improve ad revenue with our intuitive and easy-to-set-up header bidding solution.

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Unlock the Full Potential of Video Monetization.