Brid.TV Video Ad Performance Platform

Streamline video header bidding workflow through a white-label CMS.


Video Header Bidding CMS for Ad Networks and Ad Agencies

What Is Brid.TV Video Ad Performance Platform?

Brid.TV VAPP is a turnkey solution for implementing, managing, and tracking video header bidding and ad performance across multiple websites through a single, user-friendly CMS.

Key Features

No Ad Ops Knowledge Required

Setting up and using our Video Ad Performance Platform is simple and requires no previous ad ops knowledge. Our team will handle all the complex prebid configurations for you straight from Google Ad Manager.

Why Choose VAPP?

Serve Video Ads Through a Secure Enterprise Video Platform

Integrate our video prebid management solution with the Brid.TV video platform and set up prebids on our lightweight HTML5 player straight through the Brid.TV CMS. Want to learn more about our white-label video prebid management system or schedule a demo? Let’s talk!


1Who is Brid.TV VAPP for?
Brid.TV VAPP is best suited for ad agencies, ad networks, or anyone looking to streamline their prebidding efforts and maximize their revenue.
2How does Brid.TV VAPP help me maximize ad revenue?
With Brid.TV VAPP, you get the best of advanced prebid technology and Google Ad Manager in one place. With our platform, the winners of independent prebid and Google Open Bidding auctions get to compete with Google AdX directly, resulting in more premium rates.
3How complicated is it to set up prebidding with Brid.TV VAPP?
Not at all! Brid.TV VAPP helps publishers streamline configuring prebid, GAM line items, and ad units, setting up ad creatives and custom JSON configs, and much more. With Brid.TV VAPP, you can set up advanced prebids and sync them with your Google Ad Manager in just a few clicks!
4What targeting options does Brid.TV VAPP come with?
Brid.TV VAPP offers users various targeting options — from device (e.g., desktop, mobile) and OS (e.g., iOS, Android) to GEO, the options are diverse. Aside from that, Brid.TV VAPP lets users ad custom pricing and CPM for each of their targeting options, including RPM deals. Our platform handles all pricing calculations, so you won’t have to do anything on your end!

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